With the nice weather, one thing that a lot of people are doing is buying new grills. Below are seven tips that you can use when you buy a new grill.

Register the Grill

A lot of grills have outstanding warranties that are included when you purchase a grill. That’s why you want to register it. This way the manufacturer knows what grill you’ve purchased just in case you have a question.

Read the Owner’s Guide

There’s a lot of information in the owner’s guide. A lot of times these are tossed to the side, but it’s recommended that you look through it. From operating and cooking advice to maintenance, it’s going to have it all in there. If you buy a gas grill, look at the section that tells you how to check for any gas leaks.

Remove the Protective Film

Certain places on the grill are going to have a white or blue film. These are places like doors, control panel, lid and other spots. The film’s used for protecting the parts when it’s being shipped. When the grill is removed from the box, you should remove the film.

Get to Know the Settings of the Control Knobs

It’s important that you understand the settings on the control knobs. Begin it in the high/start position. You can find out more information about this in your manual. Before you start grilling, become familiar with them.

Preheat the Grill

It’s recommended that before you use your grill each time that you preheat it based on the manufacturer’s suggestions. It’s also a good idea to brush the grate and clean it using a brush made for the grill.

Season Your Grill

Before you use your grill, you’ll want to light the grill and let it burn 20-30 minutes. This burning will clean your grill and remove any coating, dust or oil that could be present from storage or the factory. Open up your lid and follow the directions from the manufacturer for lighting. Then you want to close your main lid and keep your temperature on high. After 20-30 minutes, open up the lid and allow it to burn for five more minutes. If you notice any more debris on your grill grate, use a wire brush with stiff bristles to brush it off. Turn off gas valves, if it’s a gas grill, and be sure all of the valves for burner controls are off. Turn your grill off and let it cool.

Safe Operation

Do regular checks for safety. Stay with your grill while it’s lit and until it has cooled. Anticipate any problems before they happen and make sure you’re prepared. Prevent any types of flare-ups by removing the extra fat from the meats before you cook them, making sure your grill is clean and keeping the grill’s temperature down. When a flare-up happens, turn down the gas if it’s a gas grill and close your lid. You can smother the flames using a flat tray or lid. Regularly cleaning your grill will also keep it in its best condition so that it’s ready for you to use.

These are things that you should do when you have a new grill. They will help you have the best experience with your new grill and keep you safe.

Have More Questions?

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