When the weather turns nice one thing that a lot of people look forward to is cooking out on the grill. Below are some cleaning and maintenance tips that you can use to make grilling a lot more fun.

Avoiding Problems with Sticking

To prevent your food from sticking, coat the grate lightly using a high temperature oil, such as peanut oil, prior to turning on your grill. Cooking spray is also effective.

Cleaning Up

The grill will clean up best while it’s still slightly warm. Once you’re done cooking, take strong aluminum foil and wad it into a ball. Hold the ball in a pair of tongs and begin to scrub your grill. You also can use your wire brush. If the grate is cast iron, use a stainless-steel brush. If your grate is stainless-steel, use a brass wire brush.

Wiping Up

Once your grill is totally cool, use a dampened paper towel to wipe up the spills. Salt and grease will make corrosion happen faster so it is crucial to make these types of spills a priority.

If you have a charcoal grill, discard your ashes once they’re done cooling. If you have a gas grill, change your catch-pan liner or clean it regularly.

Cover It

Put a cover that’s water resistant over your grill once you are done using it.

Annually Clean Your Grill

Make sure that you are cleaning your grill thoroughly once per year. If you are grilling year round, the grill should be cleaned in the fall and spring.

Spray It Down

Combine 50% water and 50% white vinegar (distilled) and coat your grill’s interior. Close your grill’s lid and let it stand for an hour. This solution is going to break up the burnt particles and make it much easier to remove them using a brush. Afterwards, wipe it clean using a cloth that’s wet.

Clean Your Grate

Take your grate and some mild dish soap, or use a grill or oven cleaner, and follow your instructions from the manufacturer carefully. You should only use the oven cleaner on your grate since it can damage surfaces that are painted.

Remove Rust

For removing rust on your exterior, use a steel-wool pad that won’t harm your grill by gently rubbing the spots. Next, spray the area using paint that’s made to use on grills.

These simple maintenance tips are things that you should remember when you are planning to grill. Following these tips will continually keep your grill sparkling and cooking well.

Have More Questions?

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