At Bar-B-Clean, in addition to cleaning grills, we are Southwest Florida’s premier grill parts and service provider. What makes us different? We provide the solution that suits YOUR specific scenario and not some pushy salesman’s agenda.

Restoring a built-in grill is a scenario we come across multiple times a week.

Some of the most common scenarios are:

  • A new homeowner recently bought a house and the previous owner didn’t take care of the grill.
  • You may have rented your property seasonally or on a traditional lease agreement and now that you want to use your outdoor kitchen you find the grill is a mess.
  • The grates have rust on them or the igniters don’t work due to corrosion

In any event, for MOST grill brands and models we are partnered with a variety of grill manufacturers which allows us to find the elusive parts to replace the grates, igniters, burners, and heat plates to help bring your grill back to life.

Why replace rusted grates?

If your grill grates are NOT made of stainless steel, chances are they will rust after being exposed to the salty Southwest Florida air. Many brands install grates that are made of porcelain coated ceramic which is a cheaper alternative to stainless steel grates. They look much the same at the outset, but the problem with the porcelain grates is that they do rust.

Needless to say, as well as being unsanitary, rusted grates can also cause a major problem if a flake of rust were to end up in someone’s food. Replacing the grates when rust is present is strongly encouraged.

Can You Fix My Broken Grill Igniter?

We service the automatic igniters on most brands of grills. The most common brands we do igniter replacements for are Weber, AOG, DCS, and Lynx but we service many others as well.

The only grill brand we will not replace the igniter on is Dacor. We clean the Dacor brand grills regularly for many of our customers, but we will not service the igniters.

We can also locate and replace other hard to find components for your grill such as burners, sear burners, briquettes, briquette trays, grill covers, regulators, valves, manifolds, spark generators, electrodes, heat plates, knobs, bezels, warming racks, and temperature gauges.

When considering restoration or replacement of a grill, we would always take into consideration the cost of cleaning plus the parts replacement and weigh that against the cost of a new model. In addition, a projected lifespan on the grill. In most cases, we can restore a grill for a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit, thus this becomes the most effective method to address your specific needs.

There are times however when the unit is just not salvageable, and we will tell you that right up front. The most common grill brands & models we restore are GE Monogram, DCS, Delta Heat, and Lynx Sedona.

Looking to have your grill cleaned, repaired, restored or replaced?

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Check out our GE Monogram restoration from the Shadow Wood neighborhood in Bonita Springs this past week. A TOTAL transformation!

Have More Questions?

At Bar-B-Clean, our mission is safe and healthy grilling. Our innovative mobile grill cleaning service helps to restore your grill to like new condition, leaving it clean to the touch inside and out providing you with peace of mind that your grill is clean and safe to use. We have many years of experience in the grill cleaning industry, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need our services.